In this section, you will find help for most of the options that come with the Beacon editor.
Beacon comes with a powerful editor that allows you to modify the content/design of your beacon window. All the options come with useful hints that can make ambiguous options clearer. The editor provides a complete What you see is what you get experience so that you can easily control the design of the beacon window.

Main layout

The editor can be divided into 3 sections as follows:
The sidebar includes useful navigation controls throughout the app. You can select other beacons that you have created, go to the overview page, visit the docs, or modify the account settings.


Options include all the settings that the editor provides for controlling the content/design of the beacon window. These options come with hints and links to parts of the docs for additional help. When you change a setting here, the changes appear on the Live preview section. Read more

Live preview

Live preview provides you with a real-time preview of the beacon window with the settings applied. This allows you to easily judge how the beacon window would appear on your web page after embedding it.
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