What is Beacon?

It is always cumbersome to manage a single block of content across multiple websites. Whether you have to show your work or manage promotions on many websites, Beacon can help you. Beacon can be added to any website with just two lines of code and using the powerful dashboard, you can edit Beacon once and the changes are reflected immediately on all websites.

Getting Started

To start using Beacon, visit the main website and create an account. You would be taken to your dashboard where you can manage all your beacons.
As of now, a single account allows the creation of only 2 beacons.
You can also follow this video tutorial to get started with using Beacon in your projects.

Browser support

The Beacon window that is embedded on websites is well supported with popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera including Internet Explorer 11 and above.
Last modified 4yr ago